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At The Graduation Party of Philadelphia, Seven People Got Shot

At The Graduation Party of Philadelphia, Seven People Got Shot

A man was shot and the rest four teenagers were injured when gunfire rang out at a graduation party in Philadelphia on Sunday night, police said.

No one was in custody, and police, who was frustrated after a violent weekend, said they were concerned about retaliation.

The shooting came at the end of a long weekend of gun violence in Philadelphia, during which at least 27 people were shot.

Ross said police were ramping up patrols in response to the shooting, but he said there was only so much the police could do.

“These are the things that absolutely drive us crazy,” Ross said, referring to the police station.

“If you only continue to ask us, we’re never going to solve this matter,” he said. “What you’ve got to get at is the hearts and minds of people who want to pull out a gun and fire at a group of 60 people.

Earlier, police had said that seven other people were injured in the shooting that took place shortly after 10 p.m.

The man who was killed was 24 years old, while four teens between the ages of 15 and 17 suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, primarily in their legs, Police Commissioner Richard Ross told journalists around midnight. A 21-year-old was also injured.

The shooting occurred at about 60 people were at a graduation party at an address near two playgrounds in southwest Philadelphia, police stated.

Ross said that there may have been more than one shooter, that it wasn’t known whether the shooter or shooters fled in a vehicle or on foot and that officers were on the lookout for a potential retaliatory attack.

Police found multiple private surveillance cameras in the area of the shooting and they are now working to recover the video.

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