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During Prime Day There Are Some Best Amazon Devices To Search For

During Prime Day There Are Some Best Amazon Devices To Search For

Now, that Amazon Prime Day has officially been declared, you’re apparently thinking about all the unimaginable products you’re going to snag at extremely low prices. While we don’t know what’s going to be on sale, there are some things we can assume to be discounted during Prime Day—like Amazon devices.

Last year, we saw a ton of Amazon Echoes, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Fire Sticks, Kindles, and Ring doorbells drop in price during Prime Day. Since the shopping show was basically created to promote Amazon products, we can ensure these products will be included again and at some of their lowest prices of the year. If you’ve been eyeing any of these products, then you should probably add them to your Prime Day wishlist so you get alerted when they inevitably go on sale.

Sadly, not all Amazon devices are created equal. Some of them are incredible and super useful in making your life easier, while others are just plain terrible. We’ve tested most of Amazon’s products, so you can get a better idea of which ones are actually worth purchasing.

The Amazon Echo is far away from the best smart home speaker for anyone looking to bring Alexa into their living room. It’s got great sound quality thanks to Dolby audio, a 2.5-inch woofer, and a 0.6-inch tweeter. And it has an extra input and Bluetooth if you want to connect it to a larger speaker.

Every Echo device has a way to the same Alexa skills and features, but we found the second-generation Echo model offers the best mixture of quality performance and value. It only costs twice as much as the Echo Dot, but it sounds 10 times better. It doesn’t act as a center for devices that require their own bridge as the Echo Plus does, but it costs $50 less and most people don’t need the Hub features anyway. Honestly, we think this is the best Echo for the average smart speaker user.

Last year, this speaker got a $30 discount during Prime Day, so you can expect similar savings during the 2019 Prime Day shopping event.

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