South Korea’s Supreme Court Will Rule Hearing of Samsung Heir Bribe Scandal

South Korea’s Supreme Court Will Rule Hearing of Samsung Heir Bribe Scandal

South Korea’s Supreme Court said it’ll rule subsequent Thursday on whether to uphold the lowered sentence given to Samsung Group inheritor Jay Y. Lee or ask an appeals court to revisit a case that was a part of a graft scandal that brought down the nation’s then-president in 2017.

The 51-year old Lee was condemned of bribing Choi Soon-Sil, a close friend of former President Park Geun-Hye. He was handed a five-year jail time period, however, was launched in February 2018 after an appeals court reduced the punishment to a recessed prison sentence on charges of bribery, embezzlement, and other penalties.

Both Lee and state prosecutors appealed to the Supreme Court, leaving the top court with the options of both upholding the pleas court’s ruling or asking it to reconsider its judgment, legal experts say.

Samsung was not immediately available for touch upon the latest development.

The Supreme Court can be set to rule on appeals court choices within the cases against Park and Choi.

Park was questioned following the scandal that put the cozy ties between South Korea’s political leaders and giant conglomerates underneath investigation.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading smartphone and chip maker, is dealing with headwinds comparable to a U.S.-China trade war and Japan’s tighter export curbs.

Samsung’s biotech affiliate, Samsung BioLogics, is also under investigation from prosecutors over suspected accounting fraud, with some executives arrested for their alleged roles in the case.

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